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UX/ UI experience and marketing savvy- all of these include in the portfolio of a top-notch mobile app developer in order to bring it all to life.

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UX/ UI experience and marketing savvy- all of these include in the portfolio of a top-notch mobile app developer in order to bring it all to life.

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UX/ UI experience and marketing savvy- all of these include in the portfolio of a top-notch mobile app developer in order to bring it all to life.

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UX/ UI experience and marketing savvy- all of these include in the portfolio of a top-notch mobile app developer in order to bring it all to life.

How to hire freelance AngularJS Developers

How to hire Angular JS Developer

Angular JS framework has become the choice of multiple web applications. The reason behind choosing this technology is, it is flexible and powerful, has a wider community, seems to develop in the right direction as well as provide countless extensions and integrations.

Are you looking to build interactive and dynamic website? Angular JS developers can help you to build applications by using good practices and advanced techniques, emerged high quality standards.

So, how will you find freelance Angular JS developer? What are the some tips to follow to find top AngularJS developers on Fixnhour?

What is Angular JS framework?

Angular JS is an open-source platform which is used for developing web applications. It was founded in 2009, maintained by Google and its latest version is 1.2.21. AngularJS framework renders an option to developers to write client-side code with the help of JavaScript in a clean Model View Controller (MVC) way.

How to shortlist freelance Angular JS developers?

On Fixnhour, you’re browsing freelance Angular JS development consultants. It would be great to shortlist them which facilitates in interview and selection process. Following is given some points which help you to shortlist candidates-

  • Technology fit –

    It is essential for the developer to familiar with latest technologies and frameworks (MEAN) as they can perform in better way in your development workflow. By checking out their profile, you can get to know on what technologies they can work.
  • Feedback –

    It is really important for you to check reviews and previous client feedbacks thus to know more about their work experience and practices.
  • Portfolio –

    Having an attractive portfolio plays a crucial role, by assessing their portfolio you will get to know skills or knowledge level of the candidates.

Why do you want to hire Angular JS developers?

We at Finxhour, are one of the established and prominent freelancing services provider for your app and web development solutions. If you want a freelancer for your AngularJS project, we’ve variety of skilled and experienced candidates from remote areas. You can choose one as per your suitability. Our valued clients rely on us for their complex project requirements. We’ve a wide range of proficient developers with great knowledge of JS technologies that enables to build well-structured Angular JS applications.

With the ability of building agile and high-tech solutions, our freelancing team helps you to meet all requirements and deliver quality results.

Why Fixnhour developers are best for my work?

Fixnhour is a wider community where you can find several remote workers for your business. There are some reasons to let you know why Finxhour is best –

  • Direct communication and timely reporting
  • Expert and skilled development with tech-savvy background
  • Cost effective testing and hosting
  • Budget friendly and user friendly development solutions
  • Get robust and scalable apps and websites.

What skills are required in a freelance Angular JS developer?

AngularJS developer position starts from junior level and grows to middle and advance level Angular Developer. Thus, when you hire a freelance AngularJS developer, it is required to know what basic skills a candidate has. Below is given some skills, have a look on it-

  • In-depth knowledge of Angular JS and related practices, modules are usually used.
  • Good knowledge of HTML and JavaScript
  • Can provide SEO solutions for single web pages
  • In-depth understanding of APIs, database, caching layer, platform, proxies and other web services
  • Proper knowledge of JS and CSS methods to ensure high-quality visual effects
  • Write non-blocking codes and resorting advanced techniques, i.e. RxJs Observations.
  • Automating and architecting the app development process, using task runners or scripts
  • Create end to end test suits for all elements and effective run them by using test frameworks. Build configuration and test scripts for continuous integration environment
  • Having experience of all level of operations in front0end, such as- creating XHRs in vanilla JS, applying custom wrapper over HttpClient

Apart from all these, there are some other advanced skills and knowledge level which an AngularJS programmer knows. Client can choose the one as per their demand and requirements.

AngularJS FAQs

How much does it cost to hire a freelance AngularJS developer?

If we talk about an experience Angular JS developer, you can consider following factors to estimate cost and budget. Rates charged by AngularJS developer can be varied from $10 to $100 hour. Although, fixed price contract bids are highly based upon project duration and scope. There are some freelancers who don’t charge on hourly basis, you can check that several Angular Developers will propose a fixed price by analysing project requirements. There are some key components which will help you in deciding project budget-

Expertise and experience

Rates charged by AngularJS developers depend on various factors like- experience, location, breadth of their portfolios and degrees. Beyond experience, you can also analyse their skills-set to found a better freelancer for your project. Their experience in front-end and back-end development can tell you more their excellence.

The given table provides you a break-down of rates charged by a freelance AngularJS developer at Fixnhour. Keep remember that this is just an overview, the best way to judge a developer is check-out their portfolio and evaluate their knowledge level.

Typical rates charged by AngularJS developers

Skills Description Rates
Basic Front-end Front-end fundamentals (HTML, CSS, JavaSCript), JQuery and knowledge of angularJS.
Intermediate or advanced front-end developer Apart from basic fundamentals, JavaScript frameworks- CSS, react, pre-processors, i.e. SASS, CSS framework – foundation.
Basic back-end MySQL database and back-end fundamentals, i.e.
Node.JS, Express, Restful APIs etc.
Intermediate or advanced front-end developer Specialization in a back-end server environment like AWS and knowledge of javascript frameworks – MetorJS.
Full Stack developer Familiar with both front and back-end technology, have worked with Mean (mongoDB, Express, Angular and NodeJS).

Variations in rates of freelancers of Fixnhour can be possible because people live in remote areas so they charged accordingly.

How to write a good job description for Angular JS developer?

An ideal job post for an Angular JS developer should include:

1. Scope of work: You can list all the deliverables, from new features to unit tests.

2. Background: All the frameworks, libraries, and other technologies should be mentioned.

3. Project length: Job profile should define whether it is a small or big project.

4. Budget: Note your preferences and set a budget for hourly rates or contract based rates.

Common mistakes an Angular JS developer should avoid

1. Decoupling and scope in MVC design - Angular works on MVC pattern which is common platform for web development frameworks and languages. Here, the model contains data, view is responsible for front-end design and controller entails all logics. One common mistake is implemented the scope into a view that violates decoupling rule. It creates messy code that has no standard.

2. Too many watchers – There is a concept called “watchers” used in AngularJS used to keep track of changes in a component. Setting a watcher lets AngularJS check the status of the objects. Using many watchers simultaneously can cause performance issues. The global maximum limit is 2000 watchers.

3. Falling back into jQuery – Many developers make the mistake of using jQuery in Angular applications. Using jQuery for DOM manipulations is okay but should be avoided in memory related issues. It is better to use jQuery for custom sliders and CSS for unique styles.

4. Forgetting to test apps – Assuming that an application you’ve created will work on all other OSs without testing is a very general mistake. It should be avoided as different environments can introduce bugs into the application.

Common mistakes an Angular JS developer should avoid

1. Reworking default directory structure: While working with larger amount of files, finding files for specific modules can be difficult. In that case, reworking of directory structure could be beneficial.

2. Using track by feature: The “track by” item can be used to limit the number of times a list must be re-rendered.

3. Use dependency injections: Dependency injection is a way to separate parts of an application from the main logic of application to make desirable changes to the logics or models of the main application.

4. Use specific test tools: The most common tool is Chrome extension ng-inspector which can help you debug, review and test the code.

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