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UX/ UI experience and marketing savvy- all of these include in the portfolio of a top-notch mobile app developer in order to bring it all to life.

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UX/ UI experience and marketing savvy- all of these include in the portfolio of a top-notch mobile app developer in order to bring it all to life.

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UX/ UI experience and marketing savvy- all of these include in the portfolio of a top-notch mobile app developer in order to bring it all to life.

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UX/ UI experience and marketing savvy- all of these include in the portfolio of a top-notch mobile app developer in order to bring it all to life.

How to hire freelance Graphics & Design

How to Hire Top Graphic Designers?

No matter what kind of business you’re running, there is a time comes when you need to hire a designer. But unless you moonlight as a recruiter, the most common problem is where do I find the same? And how do I go to hire a graphic designer?”

Never fear, we will help you to know everything to hire a graphic designer for your business and your design aesthetic. Here’s is given some tips to follow to hire freelancers on Fixnhour-

How to Shortlist Candidates for Graphic Designer position?

As you are searching for freelance graphic designers, it is required to vet the most promising candidates by shortlisting them you want to take interview. Here’s mentioned to some points to look upon to screen profile –

  • Professionalism –

    Check out their portfolio at Fixnhour and monitor how do they present themselves in general? A professional introduction of the candidate helps you to decide whether or not they can work with you.
  • Talent –

    Graphic designers are known to create visual content. It must be clear from their proposal, portfolio and profile that they have enough skills or knowledge what you’re looking for.
  • Experience –

    Has the person worked with others in industry? What type of worked he has done or what tools he used? Commonly used software, i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator and InDeisgn are popular. You need to familiar yourself from designing terms to understand their previous work.
  • Feedback –

    Know what previous clients are saying about their work? Reviewing feedback and reviews provides insight about their ability to resolve problems, deliver outcomes and communicate
  • Portfolio –

    Do you know whether or not the candidate was successful to convey message through design? For this, check their samples and previous project on portfolio. It is a similar aesthetic to what you want or what style you prefer? Have they make any similar visuals earlier?

Write an effective Job Description for the Post of Graphic Designer?

When you’re planning to hire freelance graphic designer, keep in mind to make an effective job post. A proper job description assists to hire the desired person, the aim should be providing detailed description to let people know whether or not they’re right fit for this project. An effective job post will include –

1. Scope of work –

List all the deliverables that you’ll be needing, i.e, from images to banner ads to print media in case of actual flyers.

2. Creative brief –

Include a creative brief, guidelines from brands and other technical considerations, if any.

3. Length of the project –

There should be a mention of the time duration of the project. Also, the scale of the project, whether small or large, should be indicated.

4. Background –

Mention what specific industries, software, or media you wish working with.

5. Budget of the project –

Consider making a budget beforehand and set your preferences for hourly rates and fixed priced contracts.

Following is given an example of Job description of Freelance Graphic Designer –

Job title –

Graphic Designer

Required Experience –

2 to 5 years

Job Summary –

We’re looking for a Graphic Designer for our new social media website. The project was about to submitted before a month ago, but due to certain designing issues and other bugs, it is still pending yet. We need a Graphic Designer to improve UX/ UI of our project and achieve milestones on the given time.

required skills

  • Excellent IT skills, including proficiency in designing and photo-editing software
  • Extraordinary creativity and innovation
  • Strong communication, time management and organisational skills
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Good understanding of latest trends and their importance in a commercial environment
  • Professional approach towards time, costs and deadlines

Job Roles and Responsibilities

  • Formulate concepts by analysing information and materials.
  • Responsible to illustrate concept by preparing rough layout of art and copy related with arrangement, size, type size and style as well as some aesthetic concepts.
  • Gather approval of concept by succumbing rough layout to managers.
  • Prepares final copy and art by functioning with typesetting, printing, and similar equipment and buying from vendors.
  • Prepares final layout by designing and pasting final copy and art.
  • Ensures operations of tool by fulfilling preventive maintenance requirements following manager’s instructions; troubleshooting malfunctions, making calls for repairs, manage equipment stocks and monitor new equipment.
  • Completes projects by coordinating with third party agencies, art services, printers, etc.
  • Improve or upgrade technical knowledge by attending design workshops, participating in professional societies and reviewing professional publications


What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design means communicating visually. Graphic designers use colours, photography, texture, shape, etc. to tell stories, evoke emotions and build an identity for the brand. Skills to look for when you hire a freelance graphic designer:

1. Tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.)

2. Ad design (Facebook Ads, Google Ads).

3. Mobile/web design (layouts, logos, color schemes, banners).

4. UI/UX Design.

5. Excellent teamwork and communication skills.

What Would be the Estimated Cost to Hire A Graphic Designer?

Rates charged by graphic designers vary different platforms. On sites like Upwork and Fixnhour, charges vary from $20 to $150 an hour. Generally, graphic designers have fixed prices and it is based on their understanding of the project. There are some factors upon which hiring of a graphic designer depend:

1. Expertise and Experience –

It is a well-known fact that work speaks, so the designer having a great experience is always preferred. But someone who’s building their portfolio may come with reasonable prices and efficiency. Finding the right freelancer for your project may get the results you want.

2. Scope of work –

There should be a proper briefing of the candidate about what work he’ll be doing and what expectations he’ll be fulfilling. Generally, the work of a graphic designer includes consultation, brainstorming ideas, creating concepts, identifying right color palettes and other materials, reviewing the project’s process, and producing the final deliverable.

3. Timeline –

If your project has a strict timeline, you have to pay a rush fee thus to ensure to start work as soon as possible. There are simple ways to cut down the extra time involved in project-

4. Be clear about what you want in proper way. Then allow the designer to create in whatever way he or she wants. Being too vague about what you are expecting increases time through multiple revisions.

5. Prepare any related materials ahead of time –

Make sure to finalize all the things like – edits, written statement and copy material what you want before the work begins. Collect all the photos or other images with high resolutions. It helps to save the time takes in shifting designs to accommodate changing copy.

Keep the review and approval process simple –

Involving more people in taking reviews and approval takes too much time, if not approved also takes more rounds of revisions. It also affects pricing of the designer.

So, here are some tips which you can apply them in your project and reduce time and ultimately save large cost in a time.

Common Mistakes Designers to Avoid

#1. Not Understanding the instructions –

As in the entire process, communication is crucial between designer and client. While it is the duty of the client to provide proper and informative instruction as well as designers also has to ensure that they understand those instructions.

#2. Staying in the Box –

While thinking out of the box would be a clichéd advice, but it is true as well. A major graphic designer’s mistake is staying in well-travelled ruts and sticking to what is known. Graphic designing is a creative process, you need to be creative to successfully effectively. Go crazy, go weird and try out new things.

#3. Too many fonts –

Playing with fonts may be a fun, but if someone will read the paragraph with 10 times changing fonts or styles; it would be annoying or tiring. It is better to stick on one font or maybe two but not more than this.

#4. Overthinking Everything –

Simplicity has plenty of perks. So, be careful about trying something crazy with filters. Overdesigning is one of the major mistakes of Graphic Designers.

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